About us

Who Are We
Adis Attire was founded to help everyone feel good through what they wear. Just as you are what you eat, and that affects how you feel. Your clothing does the same thing for you. Every morning you wake up we want you to put on our clothing and feel ready to take on your day. We are a black owned family company dedicated to producing quality clothing that makes a difference in as many lives as possible. We appreciate you coming with us on our journey to do our part in empowering and uplifting people one piece of clothing at a time.
Our Vision
Here at Adis Attire we have big dreams. The most ambitious of which being that we will become an internationally known clothing brand. Another stage we aspire to play on the same stage as the biggest brands in the high fashion sector. We aspire to when the day will come where millions will wear it proudly across their chests. We are going to continue to innovate in producing the highest quality and most uplifting clothing for years to come.